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Clear Extruded Circle Earrings Acrylic Discs Beads Round



Clear Extruded Circle Earrings Acrylic Discs Beads Round

– 100% brand new and high quality.
– Double pass laser cut which gives a better edge than a single cut as the second pass smooths the edge.
– Acrylic is easy to cut/work with, ideal for many uses.
– Acrylic is shatter resistant, stronger and safer than glass.
– Optically clearer than glass and will not dis-colour from sun exposure.
– Supplied with the protective film on both sides.
– Ideal for cutting, drilling, engraving, printing, bending and some finished products.

Material : Clear Acrylic / Perspex Sheet
Acrylic Type: Extruded Acrylic
Thickness : 3.0 mm
Disc Size: 100/110/120/130/150/180/200/250/300mm

100 mm = 3.93700788 inches 110 mm = 4.330708668 inches 120 mm = 4.724409456 inches 130 mm = 5.118110244 inches 150 mm = 5.905151182 inches 180 mm = 7.086614184 inches 200 mm = 7.7841576 inches 250 mm = 9.8425197 inches 300 mm = 11.81102364 inches

Color: Transparent

Life: doors and windows, lampshades, picture frames, crafts, tissue boxes, card, CD racks etc..
Building: the building lighting body, transparent roof, roof, telephone booth, staircases and rooms wall panels etc..
Sanitaryware: bath, washbasin, dressing table etc..
Lighting: high-grade highway road lighting lamp, automotive lighting, decorative lighting lamps etc..
Commerce: security counters, exhibition anti-theft counters etc..

Packaged included:
1 x Acrylic Disc

Clear Extruded Circle Earrings Acrylic Discs Beads Round



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