We are a completely on-line business – sorry, you can’t pop in for a browse around the warehouse. We now have nearly 200,000 customers worldwide and everything we do is in order to make the delivery process, as quick and efficient as possible, so that your order arrives quickly and safely. 
We have distributers in several countries to make it simpler and faster. We don’t have a phycial shop and we don’t accept orders by phone – simply because it would be physically impossible to offer these services without them slowing down how fast we can ship and deliver your orders.


BAKE’n’CAKE Tools is a completely on-line business

We are a small, family business but we’re lucky enough to have nearly 200,000 customers to look after.  Please understand that we could never deal with the volume of phone calls from so many customers in different time zones across the world, so all communication is now via the Contact Us page on our website or through our email bakencaketools@gmail.com

BAKE’n’CAKE Tools is a registered trademark